Last week, we looked into the benefits of wearing a suit and maybe, we have successfully convinced you to get your first suit. Before buying new suit, there are few things to consider: the price, the quality, the style and the fabrics that are used to make the suit. Getting that perfect suit can sometimes be quite challenging especially if you get them from a store. Perhaps the fabrics are uncomfortable or maybe the style is not exactly the way you want. Having your suit tailored is probably your best bet because you have complete control over every elements of the suit.

Most of the time, the style of the suit is being lauded as the most important decision factor when selecting your suit. However, the fabrics is as important as the style. There are only a handful of fabrics designed for suiting which make it easier for you to choose.



Wool is probably the most popular fabric choice due to its versatility and its aesthetic value. Wool is a natural material that has many benefits. They are generally durable as they are water repellent and fire retardant hence wool is perfect for any occasions. They come in many different colors thanks to their wide range of colors as well as the ability to take dye well. Moreover, wool offers good thermo-regulation which make wool materials warm yet breathable and as a result, it makes your suit comfortable when used in both winter and summer.   

Although 100% wool is preferable, wool can be quite expensive for some and a cheap quality wool may cause skin discomfort. A good alternative for this is wool blend materials. Wool blends materials are synthetic/natural materials that have been mixed with pure wool to give similar look as the pure wool materials. Wool blends materials are budget friendly and they are quite durable. You don’t have to be too cautious when washing these materials as they won’t change shape even when you wash them in the washing machine.

If you have a good, wealthy budget, you may opt for more exclusive wools. There are 3 luxurious wool types that are commonly used for suit.


As the name suggested, merino wool comes from the merino sheep. Merino wool’s fibers are softer and finer (about 1/3 diameter of your hair) than the regular wool which gives the extra comfort for your skin. Merino wool has unique property as they can absorbs odors and trapping them from building up which will be perfect for traveling.


Unlike the regular wool or the merino wool, cashmere wool comes from cashmere goats. This luxurious wool is extremely soft, and they are lighter than the sheep’s wool. However, cashmere can be pricey comparing to other wool due to complexity in obtaining the wool.


Mohair is one of the most prized fibers that you would find, and they come from coats of the Angora goats. Mohair is an incredibly soft like silk and they are good for those who have high sensitivity to sheep’s wool.



Cotton is a natural material that has been used for garment for thousands of years. When it comes to suiting materials, cotton is as popular as wool. However, unlike wool, cotton is lightweight and soft. They may not give the warmth and the luxurious feel of wool, but cotton is perfect for more casual look. Cotton is extremely comfortable on your skin and they give the maximum breathability which makes it ideal for warmer seasons. Unfortunately, cotton materials have the tendency to crease easily that is why choosing heavier cotton or wool/cotton blend would be preferable as it helps retaining the silhouette of the suit.



Linen is a suit fabric that is normally associated with summer. Linen is quite similar to cotton. Both linen and cotton are plant materials and they both are lightweight and breathable. Linen is also easily creased which then shows the wrinkles on your suit. Regardless, linen is a quintessential hot weather fabric. If you live in a warmer climate, linen can be your go to day-to-day option. Linen is highly absorbent and yet, linen is also an extremely strong fiber. The fibers do not stretch and are highly resistant to any sort of damage. Because they do not stretch, the linen wrinkles easily. Commonly, linen comes in lighter colors which would be great for casual style during the day, but they can also come in darker colors which can be worn on casual evening events.


Wearing suit is not the same as wearing t-shirt and pants. It is important to get things right with the suit. Knowing the characteristics of the fabric will help you plan and decide the way you design your suit. Make sure you consider the purpose of wearing suit and from there, choose your fabric carefully so that it would fit to the style that you want.

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